Changelly Exchange Review

Since 2015, Changelly has made it an aim of theirs to remove the technical barriers of trading, impeding the entry of new entrants into the cryptocurrencies market. Their automatic trading robot integrates with some of the world’s other large cryptocurrency platforms, includdsdsing Poloniex and Bittrex, and operates by offering and asking for bids on exchanges, while suggesting the best rates on the most favorable trading pairs to its users. Changelly is back by a number of reputable partners, including: Jaxx, Coinmarketcap, Bittrex, Coinpayments, and Uquid debit card, to mention a few. Changelly is currently offering the easy and effortless conversion of more than 80 altcoins and other tokens.

Changelly Exchange Review

Currency Support

Changelly offers its users the options for the exchange of two currencies easily and seamlessly, the wide range of trading pair options available is what makes this platform particularly appealing. Furthermore, Changelly allows users the option to create their own trading pairs with one transaction, giving the software a chance to show its medal, taking care of your transaction for you.

The recent addition of the support for fiat currencies is a feature that allows users to transfer fiat currencies for digital ones. This can be done by way of either a debit or credit card transaction. Although this recent addition has experienced some early teething problems, it is a welcome addition to the platform, enhancing and improving the convenience to the users’ experience.


Changelly guarantees that all trades are commissioned at a static fee of 0.5%, and is one of the major benefits of using this service. Cheaper rates are available when you work directly through a market trading platform, however, if you plan to make a larger number of smaller trades to move your altcoins, the Changelly may be the better cost option for you. Changelly also charges 0% withdrawal fees, and is proud that users will not find any hidden fees attached. Changelly does however charge a large fee when converting both USD and EUR.

Customer Support

Reliable customer support seems to be one of the struggles that need to be overcome throughout the entire digital currency arena, and Changelly is not immune to these teething challenges. On the whole though, Changelly seem to be tightening their belt in this department, team members more often than not replying to queries within a 24-hour period. This includes reports of satisfied customer complaints and queries. The Changelly exchange platform is rather simple and straightforward to understand, allowing the most novice of users to easily and readily available to trade their altcoins.

The in-depth FAQ section on offer by Changelly will help users to get better acquainted with the fundamental ins and outs of the Changelly platform as well as the cryptocurrency trades. The support offered through the website and via email services, should be enough to get you through the beginner phase, and onto more intermediate-level trading.

Public Opinion

Of those that have chosen to express their opinions with the Changelly Exchange, reviews have been praise-worthy for the fast solution and turnaround times on issues regarding user’s mistakes with the Wallet or blockchain choices. If you keep an eye on your fees as well as your wallet address, other users feel that your experience with Changelly should be a smooth and satisfying one, even though systems across the entire cryptocurrency trading market are still overcoming a number of barriers and obstacles.

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Changelly as a whole, does pretty much what they say they do. Offering fast and efficient transactions with a number of different currencies, both fiat and digital, in an easy to understand and secure trading platform. Their security features and additional insurance should give investors a little extra confidence in the services and protection that Changelly has to offer. Safe, fast, and secure.

A Review the Cryptocurrency Trader Coinbase

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency trader that has been operating out of the San Francisco in the United States since 2012 and has a number of subsidiaries all across the globe. It is a digital currency platform that allows both merchants and consumers to transact through the use of new digital (crypto) currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.  Coinbase comes armed with their mission to create an open financial system for the world. An open financial system that is not controlled by any one company or country, with the hope of helping to lift billions out of poverty, while at the same time, increasing the pace of innovation in a cryptocurrency world. This Coinbase review should provide you with a better understanding of what they do, and how they do it.

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Review the Cryptocurrency Trader Coinbase and invest today

Security and Fees

Hacking is one of the most important security breaches regarding cryptocurrencies, the Coinbase platform not yet having any major issues there, despite reports of incidents involving numerous individual’s accounts. Hackers passing the two-factor authentication security process which was believed to have been secure.

With Coinbase operating as a retail-oriented brand of the company, it has the ability to accept fiat currencies, and moreover, allows for the instant purchase of several coins types. The Coinbase fees have taken some necessary heat when compared to other cryptocurrency traders, going up to as high as 4% depending on the region of the world and type of payment made.

Earlier this year, Coinbase was able to acquire an e-money license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which would allow them to now provide payment services within the UK, as well as the right to issue e-money. With regards to their clients’ funds, Coinbase employs the strict separation of its operational and clients funds, holding client funds in other regulated financial institutions.

Instruments of Trade

Although Coinbase is home to only a few coins, they are the big names in the cryptocurrency game, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Keep in mind, however, that Coinbase is an entry-level trading platform, and is primarily aimed at those individuals who are not too familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies and their trading.

Weekly Limits

Once you have verified your ID, e-mail, telephone, and credit card information, allowing you the ability to purchase coins, Coinbase will set your limit per week. This limit may vary depending on your location in the world. After some time, and once you have reached your maximum limit, your level can be adjusted. This is merely an additional level of security and is not something that is worth you getting frustrated about.

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Coinbase’s commission structure is a part of their practice that has come under much scrutiny and criticism lately. Their high commissions taking center stage in this argument. For example, although making a deposit via a credit card is going to allow you to buy your chosen coins directly, it does come with a hefty commission fee of up to 4%. Yes although this is rather convenient, the cost is something that needs to be noted. If you run into an accident and live in the state of Wyoming, your Coinbase funds can be used to hire a Wyoming Injury Attorney.

Trading Platform

What Coinbase has to offer in terms of a trading platform, is more comparable to the interface of an online banking application than an actual trading platform. It’s relatively basic and simple to understand. The chart section in the top section of the interface allows you the freedom to switch between its 3 supported instruments and their multiple time frames. The bottom column plays host to a column of your wallets kept with the company, as well as featuring a transaction history column. It really does not get much simpler than that.

Payment Methods

Coinbase has included a number of payment methods and options available to their users, including: bank transfers, debit or credit cards, and PayPal. The PayPal method of payment is restricted to citizens of the United States only. Taking Coinbase’s high fees into account, it is nice to know that no additional fees are charged to you when you for any cryptocurrency transfer to other exchanges, or to any of your wallets.

Coinbase is fast becoming, if it isn’t already, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency players. Focused on new entrants to the crypto-game, with an easy to use interface and easier way of acquiring cryptocurrencies, Coinbase is ideal for first-time cryptocurrency buyers and traders.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Case Info

So you’ve made the decision to purchase a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9. Now you must protect it. After all, to replace the phone would cost upwards of several hundred dollars even with insurance. Below, we will talk about some of the things that you should be considering when it comes time to pick out a case for your phone.

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Choosing The Right Case:

1. Durability.

Perhaps the most important thing that you should consider while shopping for a case for your phone would be the level of durability you are getting with it. Obviously, the more durable the material makeup, the more durability you will be able to benefit from. Finding a case that offers an exceptional level of durability is key when you are looking to protect your phone from the odd drop here and there. Nothing is worse than having a case ‘protecting’ your phone only to find out that the protection it provides is insufficient to keep your phone from getting damaged when it falls.

2. Compatibility.

Not only do you want to be sure that the case you are looking at has the right cutouts and that it’s for your specific sized phone and not the plus model, but you also want to check for any possible compatibility issues. For instance, if you are someone that has a tempered glass screen protector, you need to find an option that is going to work with what you already have. At the same time, if you are someone that is invested in wireless charging, you need to make sure that the case you end up selecting is not going to cause any issues with compatibility when it comes to wirelessly charge your device. The best way to figure this out is either by asking the manufacturer directly, reaching out in the questions section on a place like Amazon, or by looking through the reviews.

3. Reviews.

As noted previously, you should be checking out the reviews of the different cases that you are considering. You should be able to learn a lot from the reviews that you end up looking at which is going to allow you to make a much better and much more informed purchasing decision. Being able to check out the reviews and learn from them is key. You should be able to weed out all of the cases not worthy of your consideration easily.

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4. Price.

Another factor that you want to closely monitor is the price of the case. While this should never be your determining factor for a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S9 since you already invested so much into it, you do want to be sure that you are getting a good value for your money. Check to ensure that you are getting a good and fair price on the case that you end up buying.

Overall, there is a lot that you will want to consider when you are trying to find the best case for your phone.

A Guide to Bitcoin in Dubai

Bitcoins have come with a bang. The new form of payment in the world is really interesting as it includes payment of anything and everything in digital form. This is a new way which is being embraced by a large population of people in the world. Bitcoins is a new form of currency that is being referred to as cryptocurrency.

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It is one of the first means of cryptocurrency with it working very differently from the normal currency we have. It does not have any central bank or an administrator. This is very different from our normal currency which is controlled by the World Bank, so simple even a court reporter Seattle would find it easy. Bitcoins are normally used to buy items or can even be exchanged for other currencies in any form that the user wants it to be.

Bitcoins Value

Bitcoins are of a higher much value than the normal currency rates hence making them a conflict of interest with some people very adamant to accept the new form of currency to pay for their products and normal endeavors. Although some have acknowledged the use, some may not take the change very lightly as they do not understand this new form.

Growth in Dubai

Bitcoins have rapidly grown to fame in each and every country including India which one can buy bitcoins. This is where one buys bitcoins with their current form of currency and attains bitcoins of the value of the money.

Dubai has not been left behind in the trade as they also are on the for front in accepting the new form of currency for trade. One can buy bitcoins in Dubai and use it for the normal purchase and sale of their products. Although one may think that one must be an Indian to transact the same, the case is not so as anyone can transact using bitcoins in Dubai. You can read more about this here!

Exchanging Bitcoins

Exchange of any currency to bitcoins is happening in India and is very much alive. In order for one to buy bitcoins in Dubai, one requires to have a bitcoin wallet. This is a virtual wallet where one keeps his/her bitcoins. It is like a virtual bank for bitcoins. With this wallet, one will be able to transact with bitcoins either being emitted from the wallet or being increased. Transfer of funds is possible from one wallet to another after the business is complete. There are various platforms that have been created to enable one to transact via bitcoins. These platforms can enable one to buy bitcoins in India.

Platforms such as Zepbay and Coinama have been established to enable people who wish to transact using bitcoins to do so. Also these platforms are there for those who would like to change their currency and obtain bitcoins. In these sites, one is able to buy bitcoins straight to his virtual wallet. Such sites in Dubai have enabled the residents and foreigners to indulge in the new cryptocurrency and enjoy the transaction services.

This new form of currency has come with a bang and seems to be taking over the world. Although it has made transaction easier, we are yet to see how long it will last.