Changelly Exchange Review

Since 2015, Changelly has made it an aim of theirs to remove the technical barriers of trading, impeding the entry of new entrants into the cryptocurrencies market. Their automatic trading robot integrates with some of the world’s other large cryptocurrency platforms, includdsdsing Poloniex and Bittrex, and operates by offering and asking for bids on exchanges, while suggesting the best rates on the most favorable trading pairs to its users. Changelly is back by a number of reputable partners, including: Jaxx, Coinmarketcap, Bittrex, Coinpayments, and Uquid debit card, to mention a few. Changelly is currently offering the easy and effortless conversion of more than 80 altcoins and other tokens.

Changelly Exchange Review

Currency Support

Changelly offers its users the options for the exchange of two currencies easily and seamlessly, the wide range of trading pair options available is what makes this platform particularly appealing. Furthermore, Changelly allows users the option to create their own trading pairs with one transaction, giving the software a chance to show its medal, taking care of your transaction for you.

The recent addition of the support for fiat currencies is a feature that allows users to transfer fiat currencies for digital ones. This can be done by way of either a debit or credit card transaction. Although this recent addition has experienced some early teething problems, it is a welcome addition to the platform, enhancing and improving the convenience to the users’ experience.


Changelly guarantees that all trades are commissioned at a static fee of 0.5%, and is one of the major benefits of using this service. Cheaper rates are available when you work directly through a market trading platform, however, if you plan to make a larger number of smaller trades to move your altcoins, the Changelly may be the better cost option for you. Changelly also charges 0% withdrawal fees, and is proud that users will not find any hidden fees attached. Changelly does however charge a large fee when converting both USD and EUR.

Customer Support

Reliable customer support seems to be one of the struggles that need to be overcome throughout the entire digital currency arena, and Changelly is not immune to these teething challenges. On the whole though, Changelly seem to be tightening their belt in this department, team members more often than not replying to queries within a 24-hour period. This includes reports of satisfied customer complaints and queries. The Changelly exchange platform is rather simple and straightforward to understand, allowing the most novice of users to easily and readily available to trade their altcoins.

The in-depth FAQ section on offer by Changelly will help users to get better acquainted with the fundamental ins and outs of the Changelly platform as well as the cryptocurrency trades. The support offered through the website and via email services, should be enough to get you through the beginner phase, and onto more intermediate-level trading.

Public Opinion

Of those that have chosen to express their opinions with the Changelly Exchange, reviews have been praise-worthy for the fast solution and turnaround times on issues regarding user’s mistakes with the Wallet or blockchain choices. If you keep an eye on your fees as well as your wallet address, other users feel that your experience with Changelly should be a smooth and satisfying one, even though systems across the entire cryptocurrency trading market are still overcoming a number of barriers and obstacles.

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Changelly as a whole, does pretty much what they say they do. Offering fast and efficient transactions with a number of different currencies, both fiat and digital, in an easy to understand and secure trading platform. Their security features and additional insurance should give investors a little extra confidence in the services and protection that Changelly has to offer. Safe, fast, and secure.